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Flying Nurses International is an internationally recognized Medical Flight Logistics service that specializes in commercial airline medical transports as a cost-effective alternative to air ambulance.
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Are you an avid world traveler with some health issues that are making it difficult to continue your hobby? Still have things to cross off your bucket list but are hesitant to travel on your own? Is there a family celebration you would like to attend, or a destination wedding or reunion that you don’t want to miss? Flying Nurses International would love to provide a nurse companion who would take care of all the details, handle medications, take the stress away and make traveling safer and more convenient, allowing you to concentrate on having fun and enjoying your trip.

An experienced RN Flight Coordinator will manage all of your travel arrangements including premiere or first-class seating on commercial flights, ground transportation, limousine service, hotel arrangements, and any medical devices necessary to make your trip safe and comfortable.

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A highly trained RN flight nurse ensures a safe journey for patients worldwide. Whether the destination is a bustling metropolis or a remote corner of the globe, experienced RN flight nurses are ready to accompany patients to any safe location. We have successfully provided medical escort services to over 90 countries and 6 continents.

We understand the importance of effective communication, especially when language barriers may arise. That's why many RN flight nurses are bi-lingual, equipped with the necessary skills to bridge the gap between different cultures and languages. Additionally, they utilize language applications on their phones, enabling them to communicate seamlessly with their patients and family members throughout the journey.

During the flight, the airline flight crew is also available to assist with translation as needed, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient. We believe that clear communication is vital for our patients' well-being and peace of mind, and the RN flight nurse is committed to making that a priority throughout the entire journey.

With Flying Nurses International's medical flight logistics services, you can embark on your international travels knowing you have dedicated skilled professionals providing the necessary medical care and support to make your journey as smooth and comfortable as possible.
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We are available 24/7 and can be ready to travel within 48-72 hours dependent on family member needs and flight availability.

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