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Flying Nurses International boasts a distinctive team exclusively focused on the medical escort field. Comprising Advanced Practice nurses and Registered nurses with specialized expertise in Critical Care and Emergency medicine, our dedication to precision and safety is exemplified by our flawless 100% safety record. Our flight nurses undergo specialized training in flight physiology tailored for commercial airline travel, ensuring that every client, family member, and case manager can trust our highly skilled specialists to proactively address medical requirements during air travel.
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Flying Nurses is Unique

Flying Nurses International has a team unique to the medical escort industry. All of our staff are Critical Care Registered Nurses. Our commitment to detail and safety is evidenced by our 100% safety record.  All of our flight nurses are currently working in the field of critical care or emergency medicine and are trained in flight aviation and physiology geared toward commercial airline travel. We do not utilize nurse aide companions for travel. We feel every patient should have highly skilled personnel on every flight to anticipate any medical emergency.

One Point of Contact

A key component to a safe transport is having one point of contact. You will work with one RN Flight Coordinator from start to finish who is available to you 24/7.  We collaborate with our travel agents to select which carrier and which route is best suited for our patients.

Well Respected Reputation

FNI has been organizing commercial flights for over 20 years. We have a well-respected reputation in the medical escort industry. We have established preferred provider corporate agreements and built trusted relationships with the medical departments of major airline carriers. We have received a generous number of grateful testimonials from our patients, families and corporate clients. Flying Nurses International is a recognized leader in the medical escort industry.

Vast Range of Experience

To aid in grasping the vast catalog of locations and relationships available to Flying Nurses International we have listed organizations that have used our service.


Government entities, Workers compensation programs, US Embassies, Private Insurance companies, Managed healthcare plans, Skilled nursing facilities, Private hospitals, Medical teaching institutions, Rehabilitation centers, National health institutes, Private individuals.


Travel assist companies, Travel Insurance companies, Travel organizations, Student groups, Maritime companies, Fishing vessels, Cruise ship lines, Foreign Consular offices, Immigration services, Private individuals

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Our impact throughout the years

Years of Experience
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Why Choose Flying Nurses International?

Our reputation in the industry and 27 years of experience
Our RN Flight Coordinators have arranged thousands of transports
We have a uniquely trained RN flight team
Thousands of satisfied customers
We customize every travel detail for you and your family
Your dedicated RN Flight Coordinator manages the entire trip
An "A+" rating on Better Business Bureau

See Who Help and Where We Go

president and owner of Flying Nurses International
We take a comprehensive, holistic approach to providing ultimate comfort and safety levels for our clients. Every member of our team, from the executive level to our amazing flight nurses, cares for patients as though they were members of our own families. Each patient is afforded equal attention and respect, regardless of culture, condition, or location. Safety is our primary concern, for the patient and our nurses.
From first call to final destination, your personal Critical Care Flight RN Coordinator will be available 24/7 to answer your questions and make your travel arrangements as seamless and worry-free as possible. Every aspect of your trip, from home or hospital, hotel or cruise ship, will be handled by a dedicated professional who is thoroughly familiar with patient needs and travel industry requirements, whether you travel by land, sea or air.
Our flight nurses assist in transporting patients who suffer from neurological or behavioral disorders, limited mobility, orthopedic injuries, pulmonary limitations requiring supplemental oxygen, cognitive impairments, and many other conditions. Many of our patients require full assistance from bed to wheelchair to plane seat, along with medications and oxygen therapy. Our staff is trained and equipped to deal with our patient’s needs with compassion and discretion, making a stressful trip much more peaceful for the patient and for any family members who may be traveling with them.
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We are available 24/7 and can be ready to travel within 48-72 hours dependent on family member needs and flight availability.

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