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Flying Nurses International is an internationally recognized Medical Flight Logistics service that specializes in commercial airline medical transports as a cost-effective alternative to air ambulance.

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founder Amy Louise Bosich

Amy Louise Bosich

July 3, 1959 to December 6, 2014

Amy Bosich, founder of Flying Nurses International, made the world a kinder, gentler, more tranquil place for the thousands of clients who have flown with us in the 20-plus years since we began operations. She insisted that each patient and family member be treated with the respect, dignity, courtesy, and care that we would want afforded to our own loved ones. Her focus on excellence in all aspects of the business has made Flying Nurses a leader in the industry.

Amy began her career as a paralegal, but soon discovered her true calling in the nursing field. She served first at University Hospital in Cleveland, then at Estes Park, Colorado and later in San Diego, California. Her next position was at Queens Hospital in Honolulu. It was in Hawaii that Amy first had the idea for a medical escort company utilizing commercial airlines for transportation, bringing a realistic and economically reachable solution to families the world over who are facing the daunting task of moving a sick or hurt family member. The company became an extension of Amy’s philosophy to give, teach, and help people to a better life. Flying Nurses International continues Amy’s vision, providing the best care in the most economical manner with the safety of patient and nurse as the top priority.

Amy loved life, and horses, and motorcycles, and traveling to exotic locales to taste everything the world had to offer. She skied the deep powder and cage dived for Great Whites, rode horseback across Turkey and Spain, watched herds of zebra and wildebeest in Botswana, and danced to country swing whenever she had the chance. More than anything, she loved her husband, Dave, her son, Kane, and her two grandsons.

She is sorely missed by friends and family members all around the world. Flying Nurses International is proud to continue her legacy.

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