Transporting our 85 Year Old Father Safely from Missouri to California

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My father and mother who are both 85 years of age, were on a road trip from California to Missouri to visit family along the way and Relatives in Missouri. They had a great trip planned to rest and relax in the Ozarks, and join family in Colorado for cabin retreat in the Rockies and also Glenwood Springs. While in Missouri my father took an unexpected fall and broke his hip, 8 ribs, and shoulder blade. Needless to say the family was in a quandry to figure out how to get them home safely and comfortably. Like any good IT person, I immediately went to the internet in search of options. This is not a task that most of us perform very often if ever. Needless to say there are many options from ground transport which was still pricey to private plane transport which ran in the $20k range. I received many quotes and offers for services, but still didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. One of my searches turned up medical flight nurse travel services, and contacted several companies that would fly you commercial with a RN from bed to bed. The thing that caught my eye for Flying Nurses International is that they were the only ones who provided me a cost breakdown of each area. Every other company would just provide a dollar estimate but no detailed information. After contacting Kathy Gower, she was very open and was in constant contact with us during the entire process. She also coordinated with the Hospital Case Manager and did all the paperwork necessary to have my father released and transported from Springfield Missouri to Fresno California. The nurse, Mark, was great with my dad and they had a very early morning flight (6:00 am) so had to leave at 4:00 to get to the airport. Mark was there at precisely 4:00 am and was at his side the entire process. Kathy also arranged for tickets for my mother to fly with them on the journey home. The best part was, Mark handled all the tickets and security checks to make sure that my Father and Mother did not have to deal with any of that. I highly recommend this service to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation. Thank you Kathy and Mark for your personal care and also professionalism during this entire process.

- Douglas Peterson

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